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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 24, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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right not ought 11:00, a deadly shooting along a busy bay area freeway. the search is on for the gunman. good morning, thank you for joining us. >> that shooting along the busy bay area freeway, a trail of blood and search for a gunman and motive all happening in the east bay. >> nbc bay area's bob redell is live at bay point. authorities are about to give an update on the investigation, what do you know? >> reporter: we're outside the substation at pay point, waiting for the captain to give us an update. the one saturday afternoon and the one last night. this is what we've learned about the two shootings.
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they tell us they do not believe they were random. they believe they are gang related, but not necessarily linked together, if that makes sense. the shooting from last night happened around 10:00 on willow pass road near highway 4, two men in a car were shot one of them die, the other one suffered wounds. they drop themselves to the medical center? concord, and now captain dan hofmann with the contra costa sheriff's office. >> we're having a press conference to speak about the homicide from yesterday evening. at about 10:00 p.m., deputies were dispatched to the area of willow pass near the on-ramp for highway 4. when they arrived on scene, all parties had left the location shell casings were located by deputies, as they scoured for evidence. a ready net was face placed out to the local hospitals. the ready net, for those of
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youen unaware is a release to the hospitals, and anyone who shows up may have injuries that are -- that may have been attribute to do that incident they give us a call. subsequently we were notified through dispatch that the two victims had showed up at a local hospital. we responded to that location and dempld that there were two victims since from gunshot wounds. one of them a 19-year-old female resident the concord to comesuck coupled to hurl injuries. the second subject, a 26-year-old bay point resident a male subject, suffered if gunshot wounds as well. he's expected to survive. he's currently in stable condition. we are at this time believe there may be some relevance between the two shootings, it is one that took place on saturday asp and the one that occurred last evening. we can tell you that we believe
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these two incidents are gang related, and we are presently investigating them as such. we have reached out to our local law enforcement community here and in partnership with them are investigating these two incidents, and we're going to work together to see if we can bring those that are responsible to justice. the suspects in the two homicides have not yet been identified, and that investigation is currently ongoing. we would like the public's help. if anybody saw anything last night about that time at that location if you could please contact the contra costa sheriff's investigation is it division. the c.i.o. will provide information on phone numbs numbers and tip line information. no mow how nsk it may be it may be a value piece of evidence for us. that's the conclusion of our statement at this time. i will take statements.
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>> reporter: how do you know they're gang related. >> at this particular time we're not going to provide information. >> would it be based on the 26-year-old who survived some stapes from him or other witnesses? >> we've dug into this pretty deeply at this point in time. both incidents have caused great concern in this community, and we can tell you based on what we found up to this point, we believe it to be gang related. >> is it the same person who committed the shooting -- the suspects have not been identified. >> do you have a suspect vehicle from last night? >> is the suspect vehicle, we don't have any information provided to us on that because the only people call the in did not have that information. if they could provide us with that it could be very helpful. >> from the pup point of view people shouldn't be worried? >> that is correct. we believe the incidents do have
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relates to one another, and we believe there was some relationship between the suspects and the victims, and the suspect should have no -- >> sam and chris, that's dan hofmann with the contra costa sheriff's office. a 19-year-old woman from concord who was in the vehicle with a 26-year-old man. the man survived. it was the woman who died. you might recall as i reported earlier, they drove themselves to mary medical center. to reiterate the contra costa county sheriff's office believes this is gang related, that if you look at saturday night's shooting and last night's shooting, there is a link. whether or not it was the same person that committed the shooting, they don't know but if there is any takeaway they believe these are started shootings, where people are driving to and from highway 4 in this area this is not a situation they were be concerned about as far as being attacked.
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reporting live here in bay point. bob redell bay area news. >> that's tough questions. thank you, bob. >> breaking news in san jose, where a man is dead after falling from a cherry picker. >> nbc bay area's chuck -- good morning, chuck. >> reporter: san jose police just moments ago have confirmed that indeed a man who was working in a cherry picker trimming trees fell out of the it to his death this morning. i'm going to move out of the way and let you see the scene down here. that is probably 2nd and martha. the cherry picker is the right structure, the white vehicle on the left side. the cherry picker is still somewhat aloft, and you see a lot of police here still investigating. i spoke with an eye within a
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short time ago. there are largely a number of homes around here but there are a few businesses i spoke to a fellow there, he said he heard what was happening, probablily 9:42, 9:45 is when this all happened. he saw the man lying on the ground. hour those are two factors that i'm sure cal osha will be investigating. this happened problemly a quarter of 10 this morning, so far we know of only one person who was involved.
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thank you, chuck. >> a new at 11:00, investigators are trying to figure out how a woman ended up dead at ocean beach in san francisco. a jogger found the body of a woman fully clothed at the waterline. near stairwell 15. the medical examiner will determine the cause of death and whether foul play is suspected. happening now s dzhokhar tsarnaev is speaking in public for the first time. . he thanked god and his lawyers and also apologized to his victims. over the past few hours, victims have shared stories about how their lives have changed.
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a federal judge. just into our newsroom. the west pleasanton station is once again open. it was closed for several hours after a person was hit and killed by a train this morning. there were major delays on the dublin line but again the station is open again, b.a.r.t. is slowly getting service back to normal. we have new details about the new problems for the new span of the bay bridge. that's what secures everything in an earthquake. stephanie chuang is live near the bridge. you reached out to a metal specialist. >> i first want to say that caltrans is reassure people that it's safe to drive on the bay
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bridge and doesn't want the report to alarm anyone but it is serious enough to suggest that it might have to replace essentially hundreds of in rods. is the expert we spoke with says this could lead to some danger some trouble here. it's just one pin. first, we don't know bad the cracks are, but having seen cracks on some of the rods you have to assume they are on all 400-plus of them. the engineer we spoke this this morning says this could mean in a year or fife years, even without an quaemt a worst-case scenario for the bay bridge. >> the bridge could collapse. i'm saying that because i've been working with structural engineers, and they say that. they've said this bridge is fracture critical. so if those rods break, they're holds up the tower. if the tower falls, the entire bridge fall.
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>> reporter: caltrans announced it may possibly have to replace hundreds of the rod which have been standing in grout in a concrete structure that experienced a saltwater leak in the winter of 2011 according to the paper. that exposed the base of these rods to hydrogen. after years of sitting in water, it resulted in embrittlement. is the engineer we spoke with says these the crux of the orals worst says replacing the bridge itself. she doesn't think it will be possible to access the rods which are embedded under water in that concrete but i just spoke with the can trance person who says the if agency has performed seismic tests on 407 of those rods to indicate what would happen in the event of seismic activity which she says is unprecedented in the country. she says caltrans is engaging some of the best bridge engineers in the world throughout this investigation, and will assess and test all
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options before announcing caltrans's next step. that would be cupping up in the next several weeks. the head engineer of this bay bridge project is set to speak with the media at 12:45. my colleague mark mete thew is on that, so we'll have more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. you next at 11:00, new revelations about the u.s. spying on france. details of wikileaks documents. heart-stopping video a motorcyclist in collides head on. believe it or not, he survived and has advice. we have a clear view across the bay, and we see sunshine that will cause heat to build, as we go into tomorrow. i'll talk more about that coming up in the microclimate forecast.
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(scott ad libs markets) scott controversy this welcome back. they could just could not keep it moving this morning.
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dow down the nasdaq losing about 30. controversy this morning in europe after allegations that the u.s. is once again spies on heads of state. a short time ago, the french goism salomoned the u.s. ambassador a formal diplomatic move used in only very serious disagreements between countries, this after new documents on wikileaks claimed the nsa spy agency had been spying on the french president's cell phone and e-mails. president obama last year personally apologized to german chancellor angela merkel for doing the exact same thing. amazon hayes made its unusual echo device vail for anybody to buy. it's a bluetooth speaker to send moofg to spotify and listen to "free bird" while you do the dishes but you can talk to it hey, echo what time is the giants game? or what's the weather dug to be
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like tomorrow? it was offered to some beta testers last year but only now is available to the general public amazon says it expects to start -- it's always open and listening. do expect to push back from some privacy, and what you do ask goes out to computers for analysis just like the smart tvs, there was even a barby doll that made news for do that it -- it has to sent that question out to the cloud. we're see reports from the crew from "top gear" may be headed to netflix, a netflix-only television show. this is a great episode where they race a jet fighter and a car. that would be netflix's biggest get ever "top gear" is the most popular tv show in the world airing in over 200 companies.
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one of the hosts got into a fist fight with the producer. that host was dismissed and the other two quit. it was revealed that 350 million people a week watch the show. nielsen said the super bowl was watched by 150 million people. super bowl once a year once a week 350 million, three times as many people every week watch "top gear". >> it seems like netflix has salesmen leverage. >> i think they're going to snap it up. it's a big-budget show. obviously it's not in 212 countries, netflix, but i think they'll do well. >> would it be the first time they've bought something and taken it back? >> was there a "curb your enthusiasm" that they continued? -- "arrested development" that's
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what it was. ford is getting into the car-sharing business launches its pilot program here. glad you're privy to our our internal conversation in our heads. the car maker is partnering with the ride share for company get around to connect ford for short-term rentals. to other transportation uber and lyft getting the green light to pick up passengers from the ma netta airport, but the ride-sharing company is not exactly celebrated. they approved a one-year pilot program allowing for pickup but the uber and lyft that means they have to pay for it trip fees background checks similar to what taxi drivers have to do. taxi companies, they're not happy about it either because they say the move would put them
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out of the business because even with the additional if costs, they will stay more in the end. a leisurely motorcycle ride takes a potentially david turn, a bike biker smashes into a los angeles county fire truck, the whole thing caught on the go pro. amazingly that rider did survive. he had a few broken bones and a few words for other people like himself who reminds everybody, particularly bikers toss very cautious on the roadway. >> if you're going to hit something, hit a fire truck. >> right, the paramedics were there right away. holy cow. the search is on to find the whale that's tangled in fishing lines. >> it was spotted on sunday then again on monday. the coast guard says the whale that is two yellow recreational crab pot if pots around its
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head. the buoys you see is a scientific tracker, but it looks similar. windy weather, choppy seas making it difficult to find the whale, but rescuers are expecting to find better conditions today. let es check your own conditions this morning. kari? >> good morning. we've been talking about a warmup all week long. as you walk out the door it's 76 in the east bay, peninsula 69 degrees. in the south bay it's 70 69 already in san francisco. you can see all of that sunshine. we will see the shies reaching into the lower 90s for the north bay, and 87 in the south bay. we've always been keeping an eye on the tri-valley where we do expect temperatures to get up to 92 degrees today, as we go into tomorrow. we have a clear view of the bay bridge. moving across the road as you head out, maybe a slow go.
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we must have been keeping you updated on what's happening in lake tahoe. there's been a wildfire that's been burning. we can't see much of the smoke here but that is a live look. we have more of a southerly wind now as the temperature continues to rise. it's about 10 miles south of markleeville. the conditions may get worse with the temperatures and winds picking up. gusting at 10 to 20 miles an hour, and thunderstorms return to the forecast on friday. so you wonder what's our risk of seeing something closer to home a wildfire? the wind direction has been may by southwesterly, west/southwest humidity at 20 to 30%. i think the humidity will be going way down on thursday and friday. so with that the danger will be on thursday. afternoon humidity at about 20%, inland heat wet, temperatures
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rising to the 90s, near 100 degrees for the high threat for the'll bay hills. high pressure moves into northern california it also weakens the onshore flow and keeping us from getting our natural air conditioning off of the ocean. this will cause the heat to build, the highs reaching about ten degrees hotter tomorrow and friday. and once again, the risk of thunderstorms returning to the air and further toward the east maybe creeping into the tri-valley on thursday. that's when our temperatures reach 100 degrees in the tri-valley. the next three days expect very hot temperatures. san francisco reaching the upper 70s. 78 degrees -- or 98 rather for the north bay, and 72 on friday. the heat starts to back off a bit this weekend. another look of the weather coming up in a few minutes. right now back to scott and
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kris. so we have the catch of the year, not even made by a ball player. we'll show it to you next.
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bad news for the san francisco giants and their fans... overnight - the team announced their lead-off hitter "nori aoki a-oh-key will go on the disabled list. painful news for the giants. nori aoki will go on the
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disabled list. that's painful to watch. his fibula was fractured by a pitch. he leads the team in bernanke, and -- batting average. they will take on the pad padres tonight, you can catch the action here, our coverage starts at 7:00 right after the 6:00 newscast. if you feel the urge to bask in the boyer of the -- >> the warriors news championship trophy will be on display. you can look at the last three giants trophies. the lunch is highlighting next year's bay area super bowl. this could go down as the father of all catches. look at this. a man makes a barehanded catch at the subs game only is
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holding a baby feeding his son eye sack. dad says he was protecting the child. i would say that's interfering with the play which you never want to do at wrigley field. >> and in fact it was recalled. that play was turned over, or whatever. will the smart people please tell us? up next at 11:00, a cannabis controversy, the question does medical marijuana actually help the patients who claim it helps? we'll have the bold new claims, coming up.
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so is the cannabis cure not all that it's cracked up to be? new questions this morning. >> there is a new study sparking debate after finding that marijuana helped with some ailments ailments, but perhaps not all the vr the ones people claim they do. we have more on the
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controversial study. >> there's bad and good thj study. >> gail teaches classes on all aspects of medical marijuana in oakland. she's seen the benefits and said each student has a story. >> it usually involves either themselves or someone they love finding therapeutic help with cannabis. >> but a study published today suggests the benefits is unproven. it found marijuana was most helpful for chronic pain and muscle stiffness from m.s. but not asful helpful for other conditions. jones disputes those claims. 6. >> or less than we expected. >> family practitioner frank lieu kell agrees and says while the stud -- it doesn't mean that no one will.
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i have a number of patients with parkinson's that definitely the tremor is less. >> but others say the study is debunking longheld beliefs in the medical marijuana industry. >> the more fantastic claims that it's going to cure diabetes epilepsy just have no basis in science. >> dr. keith humphries adds that both sides will swing the study their way, but more research has to be done. >> it's modest benefits for some conditions, and that's about all we know. to decision 2016 the latest name making history, louisiana governor bobby jindal officially running for president. the republican tweeted out an announce then this morning, is slated to hold an event this afternoon in new orleans. he joins more than a dozen republicans vying for the nomination and to become the
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first american-indian republican to run for president. . gray's death has been declared a homicide by the state's medical examiner's office. nbc's craig melvin has more about that. >> reporter: according to the autopsy record reviewed by "the baltimore sun" by not independently verified by nbc news, the state medical examiner's office declared gray's death a hospital because officers failed to follow safety procedures due to acts of omission. >> they say that his death met the medical and legal definition of an accident by the act of omission from the officers involved, by be failing to use a seat belt or rendering aid. >> reporter: according to the report it was likely caused by ahigh-impact injury to his head.
11:33 am
>> likely when the van decelerated or accelerated that caused him to hit the walls of is the fan. >> he was arrested following a foot chase and suffered injuries during custody. his death a week later sparked protested. six officers were charged in gray's death. they have all pled not guilty. the defense attorneys for those officers released a statement saying in part neither the six officers nor enough their attorneys had a copy of the autopsy report. bothle medical exercise's office and state's attorney's office cease they are not the leak. the mayor released a statement -- i strongly condemn anyone with access to trial evidence who has leaked information prior to the resolution of this case. the massive search for the fugitive convicts is entering
11:34 am
day 19. >> i wouldn't believe it if you told me that 19 days ago. as police try to close in we're learning more about the help the killers got. nbc's stephanie gosk has the latest. >> reporter: this morning the grueling search for david sweat and richar matt focused on this rugged thick forest sources close to the investigation, that's where they call the the convicts by surprise. dna from both men was found. they left behind half-eat enfood, even a pair of underwear. new details on how they escale. according to the d.a. mitchell smuggled tools into the prison by hiding them in ground beech. hacksaw blades drying bits and a hole punch. palmer passed a polygraph test saying he didn't know he was handing over tools.
11:35 am
meanwhile, joyce's husband, lyle mitchell, told matt he she was in too deep. >> did she chaim she was force to do do the things? no as far as the tools. as far as everything else when she said it came down to hurting me after she said something was wrong. >> reporter: this cabin is just five miles from where the dna was found. >> it was unnerving when i had to have a loaded weapon with me. >> we're basically in the middle of the woods here. >> you're a long ways from -- to an investigative unit sitting in the middle of turmoil and conflict. state and federal investigations tonight. tonight the is it investigative funt uncovers more problems inside the public utilities commission. for the first time since leaves the p.u.c. talks about the problems behind the walls of the
11:36 am
agency responsible for setting your utility rates. >> i was forced out of my position as director of consumer protection and safety division, absolutely. >> also for the first time the new president of the agency talks about the challenges of restoring the public's trust. >> so when people say the p.u.c. needs top-to-bottom reform how do you take that criticism? >> i agree with it. one of the reasons i was here. tonight at 11:00, on nbc bay areas. our chief investigator shows us what went wrong within the powerful puismt c and how the new president hopes to change cha culture. despite the warning and thousands of poison control calls, kids are still getting sick from the liquid laundry packets. >> nbc bay area's tom costillo
11:37 am
has very startling numbers. >> it happens once every hour an urge the call for a child who has ingested laundry detergent. safe kids reports at least once a day a child is hospitalized. the symptoms can be life-threatening. difficulty breathing, excessive vomiting, severe eye burns and irritation temporary vision loss and loss of consciousness. >> young children are explorers. they like to put everything in their mouths and so liquid laundry packets, which dissolve in water can either dissolve on wet fingers, or dissolve when they're put into the mouth. >> laundry pods make it easy to do the wash but the detergent is highly consequence -- concentrated. >> she was vomiting diarrhea pretty much the symptoms of a stomach vire. >> if they breathe it into the
11:38 am
lungs, that's the worst part they can have lung damage having trouble breathing, to the point of needing to be placed on a ventilator. >> two children have died from ingesting laundry packets. the if industry is set to vote on voluntary safety standards. nbc news is told that manufacturers have already made major changes, including the addition of easy-to-under icons, and redesigned the packages so packets aren't visible from the outside. up next at 11:00, it's being called a slow rising emergency, but how high is the sea level expected to rise over the next several years. today will be warmed, but the heat peaks, jumping us another ten degrees. i'll talk more about that in the microclimate forecast. on my way back from the 11-hour flight from frankfurt, i sat there and said i'm going to
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do it. changing lives one goal at a time. meet the man using soccer as a way to inspire our youth. it will make you "bay area proud."
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♪ ♪ the kids are out of school... and that means...summer camps. but there's a camp in oakland that's differentha it is kids are out of school. for a lot of kids that is summer camp but there's a kemp that i see different. >> it's free add not just to low-income kids. it may look like a standard soccer camp but there's more to
11:42 am
meet the eye. >> if you were to ask steve sparks he would say it's more language camp than a sports one. that language is soccer. one steve says he's seen bring people together all over the world, one he believes that can bring kids from different backgrounds together here. steve sparks isn't the first to notice a similarity between a soccer ball and our world. >> there's the shape, of course but there's also the knowledge, in if you fill it with the right stuff, wonderful things can happen, just like they did for steve. >> i finally thought i found my passion. >> hi soccer for passion has been with him since he was a little boy, growing up in the poore quarters of kingston jamaica, even as an adult living in the united states his world revolved around soccer. he took advantage of a job in the airline industry to travel to the world's soccer hot spots,
11:43 am
bonding with other fans even if they didn't speak evil other's first language. >> from spain to france and the language common language i had was soccer. >> in fact coming home from the 2006 world cup in germany, he was so moved by the ability of the sport to bring people of different backgrounds together he decided to start a camp back home dedicated to that idea. >> on my way back from frankfurt, i saturday there and started scribbling. >> work on this first, then can you do it see? >> my youth soccer is now in its seventh year the week-long camp at oakland's technical high school is completely free for players, but it's not just for low-income kids. that would defeat the purpose, he says. >> i think right now we have kids from like 13 different zip codes. he wants kids from all types
11:44 am
backgrounds to interact with each other in a way they ice wouldn't. >> we're going to play another game today. the volunteer coaches reflect the one world nature of this camp perhaps giving a bunch of kids from the east bay a passion they might carry with them for the rest of their lives. >> i remember the difference it made for me. we might have 80 kids in camp and if 5 or 10 of those kids come back later on and said this impacts them or whatever may be that's stellar for me. >> the coaches don't take a penny for what they do. most of the money is raised through a yearly jerk cookoff celebration in oakland. steve says over my youth's history, he's had more than 250 kids come through the camp. >> and each of those kids probably very, very thankful. if you know of somebody doing
11:45 am
also some nice for oigts, garvin would love to hear from you. now bay area dry. weaver facing another water emergency, a rising sea level. >> lot experts say if you don't live near the water, this will impact you. nbc bay area has details on a big concern. >> we have nine counties 41 cities boards of over 100 special districts, that all tough the bay. >> larry goldsband is trying to get people from all of those groups talking about rising sea levels. he's with the san francisco bay conservation and development commission. they are convincing bay area leaders rising water levels matter. >> if they have to use sfo or the oakland airport, they're affected. if they want to use east bay mud to flush their toilets or santa clara valley water district to get water oar whatever they're
11:46 am
affected. >> the santa clara county civil grand jury calls it a slow rising emergency. the report points to a gauge near fort point that as recorded a 7-inch rise over the past 100 years. another constitutionalitiy predicts a 6-inch rise by 2030 a foot by 20250, and three feet in 85 years. it's not the water emergency most are talking about. >> you know obviously we're in a drought, so that seems kind of heart to believe. >> that's a lot of water in the bay. that would change things a bit. >> rising sea level, a big storm, an astronomical tide. my bed is it would be close enough that people would certainly get worried. >> highway 101 is a hazard zone. on this map red indicates dangerous water levels right where high-tech companies are operating in silicon valley. >> eve moffett field have will
11:47 am
water halfway down the runway. >> reporter: planning is logist kari hall is here with the forecast that the perfect for enjoying today. >> yes, because tomorrow it gets hot. and we've been trying to give you a heads-up all week long about the heat that's coming. we have less than 24 hours before the heat ramping up. as we look from mt. hamilton you see it's all clear across the bay, all the sunshine giving us warmer weather. this is what you need to know. once again you want to get out and enjoy today. you can probably go out for a walk oar take the dog on you spending -- outside, but you'll want to limit your time. try to stay cool. it will still be hot on friday. gradually the heat backs off in time for the weekend. right nour we feeling temperatures at 83 in sunol, danville at 79.
11:48 am
walnut creek 57. oakland still 66 so still nice comfortable spots. in the north bay it's 73 degrees. we have a light northwesterly wind. it will become more of an onshore flow but that will once again allow those temperatures to go up a few more degrees, and a lot more tomorrow as we won't have as much of an on-shore flow. we'll have the heat building. so try to help you plan out the day. in san jose at 1:00 we'll be at 76 degrees, as we go through the even still bright sunshine a light rent getting ready for sunset. you'll want to about 70 degrees and temperatures at about 63 at midget need. a great day to spent d. at 7:15 first pitch will be at 65 degrees, and then feeling temperatures dropping back for 59 degrees. you do still need a jacket by
11:49 am
the end of the game. it will feel chilly. we see highs ratches 84 degrees, and morgan hill 91 degrees, and sandy rosa 91 degrees. there will be some warm spots, but once again, or temperatures tomorrow going up about ten degrees from there. over the next three days expect highs in the 90s, and then on saturday, 85 degrees, which is still above average. peninsula from the 90s down to the 80s, and san francisco, even warm there, reaching 77 degrees. north bay the 8 degrees on thursday. this saturday, if you plan to head out to napa it will be 82 degrees. east shore 80 degrees to start, and then into the upper 60s for saturday, a lot of sunshine in this forecast. we're also watching out for the possibility of a pop-up shower or storm for the far eastern parts of the tri-valley.
11:50 am
some of those storms starting to creep in from the east. we'll be keeping an ice out on that. it would be the hottest on thursday and friday then a bit more comfortable for the end of the weekend. comparing notes on who has central ac who has a window unit. we're all hanging out at scott's house. >> we run it cold. back in a minute.
11:51 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course...
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are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast while illinois recovers from monday nig welcome back. while is noise recovers from monday night's tornado, we're getting word of an incredible survival. little baby braxton was just 4
11:53 am
days old when storms turned his family nearly upsidedown. his family made it to a crawl spate just before the ef-3. >> we're all just holding on. he's probably what keeps us happiest. >> they're staying with families for now until they have a more perm nrcht place to stay. americans are throwing away hundreds of dollars of food each year, and according to a new survey they don't care about the environment impact. even though they're buying more organic foods, they are still struggling to avoid throwing away a lot of food. the most commonalty sources are when we just buy too much in the first place or prepare too much for any given meal.
11:54 am
that's on top of what it costs you when you waste it. a warning to watch out for whales. experts say they are out there, but may be harding to. the farallon es national marine sanctuary asks all boats to slow down to avoid hitting them. they've spotted a lot of whale near the shipping channels. they may be feeding on mackerel an unusual behavior which could be linked to unscenely warm weather.
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now that there's foster farms simply raised, it's tougher than ever to be a foster farms chicken.
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but foster farms simply raised chicken is 100 percent natural with no antibiotics. well you're an herbalist. help us to be natural. will those herbs do it? those? one grows hair, the other increases energy. gasp! do i look natural herb man? can i call you herb man? i'm trying to look natural. call me natural. you look like a steve. can i call you steve? hi steve. i'm natural. say something. why aren't you guys saying anything? introducing new simply raised chicken with no antibiotics. from foster farms. simply better.
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beat. and in north carolina, there's a an officer who dances to the beat. ==scott/vo== this video has gone viral, since it was posted on facebook, a few days ago. it shows an officer, in full uniform, doing the "wobble, in hickory north carolina. so far, the video has been this was posted on facebook a few days ago. she was doing the wobble in hickory, north carolina. it's been watched 9 million times. ed video's owner says he happened to show up on the event and started recording at the right time. it's nice to see everyone getting along and having a good time. >> kell just so kari doing the wobble, too. remember most of them are really doing it for all the right reasons. thank you so much for joining us. the next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> and go to including all our wonderful weather. see you tomorrow.
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♪a today on "access hollywood" live, we are all over the universal back lot. >> katherine heigl joins us from wisteria lane to talk about her new film. >> we talk about her kids;39c and her husband. >> this supermodel nicole chudfield, a global headline. she is hear to talk about removing the taboo of breath feeding in public. >> the son of the late leonard nimoy is here. he is payingkqgñç tribute to his dad. "access hollywood" starts.


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